The concept of my personal branding was to show my strengths in illustration & design while keeping the overall style reminiscent of one of my favorite games, Metal Gear Solid.

The Fox & Skull is the key art for my brand and is used in my branding as my introductory Illustration.

When thinking about my own branding, I decided not to make a personal icon or logo because I want to be remembered for my name and not distract from the rest of my work.

When thinking of my own colors, I wanted versatility while keeping it to a limited palette. I like a dark aesthetic overall as its easy on the eye, its sleek and can be really cool if used with accent colors such as my red and green.
I wanted to make my business cards eye-catching and memorable but at the same time simple, I have made several business card over the years with just too much information and cluttered designs! and I just cant...Also I believe nowadays a simple QR code does everything for you and its much more accessible.
Thank you! :)

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